2022 International Environmental Photography Contest 

Judge & Keynote Speaker

Darrell Gulin photo

Thursday, March 3: The Opposite Poles – Darrell Gulin

Join us for this special presentation by renowned photographer Darrell Gulin that explores both the Arctic and Antarctica regions and its incredible Wildlife and Landscapes.

Darrell will share his breathtaking images of polar bears from the Arctic regions of Svalbard, Norway and Churchill, Manitoba Canada and explain their relationship with the pack ice along with some of the challenges they face in the age of global climate change. While the Polar Bear might be the star of this region, other Arctic Wildlife along with the picturesque habitat of the Far North are in need of protection too.

At the opposite pole, on South Georgia Island and the Antarctica Peninsula, images of Penguins along with some fellow wildlife is sure to inspire an appreciation for the region. Some images also give visual proof of the changes that are occurring, such as an Adele Penguin nesting site that has been taken over by Gentoo Penguins because of melting ice.

This inspiring visual tour highlights the amazing diversity we have now and, more importantly, points out what we might be losing in the future.

Darrell has been photographing for over 33 years, marketing his work for the last 33 years and 28 of those as a full time Nature/Travel Photographer.  He markets his work through Stock Agencies (GettyImages, Danita Delimont), Editorial/Paper Product markets, along with Photography workshops, tours, seminars and speaking engagements.

He is one of Canon’s Explorer’s of Light and also past President of North American Nature Photography Association – NANPA. His work has been published in Outdoor Photographer, Newsweek, Audubon, National Wildlife, Popular Photography, Our Daily Bread, most top Nature Wildlife Calendars, and Natures Best to name a few. He is an accomplished speaker/teacher leading workshops for Joe Van Os.  Also he has been featured on the TV program Canon Photo Safaris. He enjoys traveling the world capturing special moments to share with others.

To see more of Darrell’s work, please visit gulinphoto.com