Get the Most Out of the 2021 Festival

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Join the Virtual Festival February 12 – 21, 2021

This year’s Colorado Environmental Film Festival will be entirely virtual, which means you can now enjoy the best of the fest at home!

You will have a few different ways to experience the Festival, so we want to give you an opportunity to get ready for all the new and exciting changes.

Below you will find helpful tips & guidance to ensure you are ready to watch when CEFF2021 arrives.

Getting Started – Before the Festival Begins

Step 1: Create Your Account

First things first: Create your FREE Virtual Fest Hub account. 

Step 2: Explore the Film Collections and Events

With over 20 film collections to watch, check out the Full Collection and Special Event Lineup and see what sparks your interest!

Step 3: Purchase a Festival Pass or Individual Film Collection/Event Tickets

Decide which ticket or pass is right for you and purchase in advance to ensure you can see all the collections you want to watch!

Need help deciding?

  • Want the best value? An All-Access Pass costs less than $1 per film available and gives access to all the films!
  • Interested in one or a few specific film collections?  The Five Film Collection Pack might work for you.
  • Or simply purchase individual tickets for any film collection.

Many events and programs are free to attend, as well, including Lunch & Learn Sessions and Happy Hour Receptions!

Step 4: Reserve your tickets for specific film collections, if you purchased a Festival Pass

Once you have purchased a Festival Pass, login to the Virtual Fest Home and pre-order any Film Collections and Special Events you are interested in. Please note some collections have geographic screening restrictions and some have a ticket cap and may sell out! 

How to Watch

Watch Films with these Devices:

  • Computer
  • TV
    • Casting from another device
    • Eventive TV App (For Apple TV or ROKU)
    • Connect to computer via HDMI
  • Handheld Devices
    • Tablet
    • Phone

Some bonus videos may not be viewable on your TV via the Eventive app but can still be accessed via your computer.

Test Your Device(s) Compatibility

Visit our Device Compatibility page and follow the steps to unlock the free test video.

  • You can test your device(s) for compatibility with our platform
  • Confirm that you are able to make a purchase
  • Confirm that you are receiving confirmation emails once a purchase has been completed

Not sure if your device is compatible? Please refer to the rest of this FAQ for devices that are Eventive compatible.

Getting Started – Special Events & Programs

Join in one of the live events during the festival to chat with other attendees! CEFF is using Zoom, Remo and CharityAuctionsToday platforms for facilitating the following events.

  • Virtual Lobby on Zoom – Have a question or want to talk to someone with the festival staff? Drop in the Virtual Lobby Zoom room – Open daily Sat. 2/12-Sat. 2/20 from 5-6pm MST to chat with staff and get your questions answered!
  • CEFF Silent Auction – Bid early and often on great items and experiences! Need help – reach out to us at [email protected] for assistance!
  • Happy Hour Networking on Remo – Remo provides a virtual reception hall complete with table and space to move around, network and chat with other attendees.
    • Click Join now from the Happy Hour page for the date you wish to attend anytime before or during the event. It will redirect you to Remo and ask you to enter your email to “Save a Space for Me” (before the event starts) or “Join” during the event.
    • Move around the room and switch table as you would in a normal reception hall to speak with new people.
    • Remo Tips
      • Once in the event, you will be assigned a random table. You can change seats by double clicking on any open seat (up to 6/table).
      • Controls (mic/camera/chat/share screen) are all located along the bottom of your screen.
      • You control the size and view you see – click the upper right of any box to enlarge it.
      • Some tables are hosted by an organization or film and some are open topic for general discussion.
      • Visit the Help Desk in the middle or ask a question in the chat to get assistance

Need more help with Zoom or Remo? Check out these great support pages from our partner platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions


Tickets and Passes FAQ’s


Types of Passes

ALL‑ACCESS FESTIVAL PASS – Show your support for CEFF and enjoy the 2021 festival to its fullest. All-Access Festival Pass includes access to all 22 Film Collections and free extra programming. This pass is ideal for someone who wants to watch as many films as they can! With over 70 films, the cost is under $1 per film watched!

FIVE FILM COLLECTION PACK – Five Film Collection Pack allows for viewing of 5 different film collections for a discounted rate from individual collection tickets. Select the 5 collections you wish to watch – ideal for someone who wants a sample of what films CEFF offers. 

Some bonus content and events are also free! 

How to Purchase a Festival Pass

  1. Navigate to the Virtual Fest at
  2. Click on the green “Buy Passes” button.
  3. This will present you with the Festival Pass Options and add-on packages for the virtual festival.
  4. Make your selection of which pass you would like to purchase and click on the corresponding green “Purchase Now” button.
  5. This will open the Checkout window where you can select the number of passes you would like.
  6. There is also an option to add an additional donation to support the mission of CEFF, if you so choose.
  7. Click on the “Have a Discount Code” link (in blue), if you have a code to enter.
  8. Enter your email address to login, or create an account, and click the green “Continue” button.
  9. If you have an account, enter your password. If not enter your name and create a password, and then click the green “Register” button.
  10. Enter your payment information and click on the “Submit Payment Information” button – and that’s it – you’ve got your pass!
  11. To see the passes, you have to click on the Menu in the upper left corner and select My Passes – here you can see how many unlocks you have used.
  12. To add additional items to your order, like the Dinner and a Movie deal package – repeat these steps for Add-On items.

How do I use my Festival Pass?

When logged into your account at, click on the screening or event you would like to view. On the screening page, select “Pre-order Now” or “Unlock Now”. Your pass benefits will be automatically applied. If you do not see the benefits of your pass reflected, confirm that you are logged in under the correct email address. The All Access Pass will allow one unlock per screening/event. The Five Film Collection Pack will allow five (5) unlocks for paid collections. All free events are accessible without a pass.  

How do I Purchase Individual Film Collection Tickets?

  1. Navigate to the Virtual Fest Film Collections & Events
  2. Here you can explore all of the film festival collections and events.
  3. Click on the collection or event you would like to purchase a ticket for.
  4. When you enter the screening room, you will see a blue “pre-order now” or “unlock” button in the center of the video screen – click on it.
  5. This will open the Checkout window.
  6. To continue, enter your email address and click the blue “Continue” button.
  7. Enter your name and password, then click Create an Eventive Account.
  8. Enter your payment information and click on the Add Payment Method button – and that’s it – you’ve got your tickets!
  9. To see the tickets, you have to click on the Menu in the upper left corner on the Virtual Festival Home and select My Tickets.

Can I purchase a ticket for a specific film?

Films are available in film collections featuring a specially curated set of approximately 3-6 films. Tickets to screen individual films are not available for purchase. Please select a collection including the film of your choice and enjoy the others! Some short films may appear in several collections. 

How do I know how many tickets I’ve used of my pass or pack?

Visit the My Passes page by clicking on the My Passes icon in the upper right corner on the Virtual Festival Home. Alternatively, you can click on the Menu in the upper left corner, then select My Passes. The My Passes page will display the passes you’ve purchased, and alongside that pass it will show the number of uses that pass has. For instance, the Five Film Collection Pack comes with 5 single-session tickets and starts with 0/5 listed for uses. Once you pre-order or unlock a single session, the uses would then read as 1/5.

Can I give a pass or ticket as a gift?

Yes! When you purchase a ticket or pass, there is an option to select “Give as a gift?” When selected, you will be prompted to enter a message and the email address of the recipient. It is a great way to share your love for CEFF with someone new!

Watching Films FAQ’s


What devices can I use to watch films?

You can watch content on PCs running Windows 7+, and Intel-based Macs running macOS 10.12+. You can also watch films on Android tablets and phones using Chrome, and on iPhones and iPads using Safari. If you have an Apple TV or Roku device, you can use our dedicated apps for these platforms. If you have a Chromecast, you can cast to it from Chrome on your computer or Android phone. Click for more details.

Can I watch festival movies from anywhere in the world?

Many film collections included in CEFF2021 do not have geographic restrictions and can be watched anywhere! Geographic Restrictions, Availability Windows, and Ticket Caps dictated by filmmakers and distributors may limit the ability to unlock some sessions.  

Where can I see all the movies I have pre-ordered or unlocked?

Log into your Virtual Festival Home account. Click the Menu button at the top-left of the page and select “My Tickets.”

When will I be able to watch the films?

Most film sessions are on-demand, meaning you can watch them at your leisure without any restrictions on time and date (as long as it takes place in the February 12-21 festival window). Most sessions are available for 72 hours once you press play. There are a few select Live Watch parties when you will be able to watch the films live alongside other attendees with a live chat box to interact as well!

How long do I have to watch a film session?

Once you begin to watch an unlocked film collection, you will have 72 hours to finish watching the collection. You may stop and restart as needed within those 72 hours. On-demand film collections typically will unlock on 2/12 at 12:01am. The 72 hour window to watch does not start until you press play for the first time.

Can I watch a livestream after it’s over?

Yes, livestreams are recorded and made available to ticket holders for the duration of the program availability window. 

How do I view subtitles or closed captioning (cc)?

Click on the CC in the bottom right corner of the window to turn on captioning where available. 

How do I fix choppy video streaming ?

If you have done all the usual troubleshooting, try the following to be able to view the films with a lower resolution. 

On the video screen, bottom right:

  • Click 3 dots
  • Then click resolution
  • Then switch from “Auto” to a lower value, perhaps 270 streaming 

General Festival FAQ’s


Will there be any in-person events?

Sadly no. The 15th Colorado Environmental Film Festival will take place entirely on our new virtual platform, powered by Eventive. We look forward to gathering with everyone again in-person in February 2022 in our host city, Golden, Colorado. Until then, enjoy a new festival experience this year!

What special events will there be?

Watching film collections is just the start of the CEFF Virtual experience! Check out the Virtual Festival Home to explore fun programs including:

  • Dinner & a Movie deals
  • Valentine’s Day Edible Flower Cookie Baking Demo and Ingredient Box package
  • Free Green Bag Lunch & Learn sessions with local experts
  • Happy Hour Receptions to chat with other attendees,  Eco-Expo businesses and filmmakers
  • Silent Auction with great items that help support CEFF’s youth programming
  • Live Watch Parties each weekend
  • International Photography Keynote event

How can I meet and talk with the filmmakers and other attendees?

One of the best parts of CEFF in Golden is the organic, thoughtful, and lively conversations between attendees and filmmakers that spring up in hallways after the screenings or during the Eco-Expo and Receptions! This year we will have a variety of events where filmmakers, Eco-Expo organizations, and audiences can interact with each other, including Live Watch parties with Q&A’s, several Happy Hour Receptions in a virtual party room, and Green Bag Lunch & Learn sessions. Join us for one or all of these sessions as a great way to engage with other festival goers! 

Do I need to create an account?

Yes! By creating your free Eventive account with your email or linking to your Facebook account, you can access both paid and free programs as a part of the festival.

Still Need Assistance?

Check out the Eventive Help page. Live chat help available daily from 7am-1am MST.