CEFF Award Winners

Congratulations to all of the

CEFF 2021 Award Winning Films!

Kiss the Ground

Directed by Josh Tickell and Rebecca Tickell

Stay Wild

Directed by Lizzy Fowler

Peng Yu Sai

Directed by Nitye Sood and Malaika Vaz

Never Too Small

Directed by Mason Mirabile

Necessity: Oil, Water, and Climate Resistance

Directed by Jan Haaken, Samantha Praus

New this year – Audience Favorites!

High Country

(Feature Film)

Directed by Conor Hagen

Your Friend, Ranger Doug

(Short Film)

Directed by Claire Jantzen, Sara Rose Nell

Past Winners

2020 CEFF Winning Films

  • Best Youth Film: Soil (Directed by Kylan Jin, Ryan Zhang, Catherine Zhang)
  • Best Short Film: Maasai Olympics: The Hunt for Medals, Not Lions 
    (Directed by James Suter)
  • Best Feature Film: The Nature Makers (Directed by Scott Saunders)
  • Spirit of Activism: Guarding the Forest (Directed by Max Baring, Karla Mendes)
  • Best of the Fest: Under Thin Ice
    (Directed by Denis Blaquière)

2019 CEFF Winning Films

  • Best Youth Film: The Ocean: Our Foundation (Directed by Amia Datts-Voluntad, Natalia Polinskey, Chloe Chin, Ka’imi Kaleleiki)
  • Best Short Film: Our Last Trash (Directed by Joanne Yue)
  • Best Feature Film: The Butterfly Trees (Directed by Kay Milam)
  • Spirit of Activism: Spears From All Sides (Directed by Christopher Walker)
  • Best of the Fest: From Seed to Seed (Directed by Katharina Stieffenhofer)

2018 CEFF Winning Films

  • Best Youth Film: Melting Away (Directed by Liam Walton)
  • Best Short Film: The Salmon Forest (Directed by Ben Hamilton)
  • Best Feature Film: A River’s Last Chance (Directed by Shane Anderson)  
  • Spirit of Activism: Walk on the Mountain (Directed by Madeleine Van Dam and Onika Richards)
  • Best of the Fest: How We Grow (Directed by Tomas Zuccareno and Haley Thompson)

2017 CEFF Winning Films

  • Best Youth Film: Temple of the Ghost Owl (Directed by Justin Myhre)
  • Best Short Film: A Ghost in the Making (Directed by Morgan Heim and Neil Losin)
  • Best Feature Film: A Plastic Ocean (Directed by Craig Leeson)
  • Spirit of Activism: Poisoning Paradise (Directed by Keely Shaye Brosnan and Teresa Tico)
  • Best of the Fest: American Psychosis (Directed by Amanda Zackem)

2016 CEFF Winning Films

  • Best Youth Film: Distress Call (Directed by Brooklyn Goosby, Lexi Justus, Sean Fleetham and Taylor Redman)
  • Best Short Film: Stung By Climate (Directed by Nils Aucante)
  • Best Feature Film: A Quest for Meaning (Directed by Marc de la Menardiere and Nathanael Coste)
  • Spirit of Activism: The End of the Line (Directed by Sellus Wilder)
  • Best of the Fest: Time Capsule (Directed by Chris Summerfield)