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Welcome to the Eco-Expo

Connect with Local Environmental Action Groups and Businesses

CEFF Eco-Expo Community Showcase highlights local environmental-action groups and environmentally-minded/purposed organizations and businesses as they share their ideas and wares. CEFF attendees learn new approaches to being a part of environmental change through involvement, action, and economic and personal choices. Explore and connect with Eco-Expo partners below to be inspired, add a few new tools to your environmental-action toolbag, and have fun!

Free and open to the public during the festival.

Aspire provides products that are refillable, so you only buy the container once. Single-use plastic is ubiquitous in our world and is killing ocean fisheries and wildlife on land. The manufacturing of single-use plastic makes up nearly 2% of our carbon footprint in the U.S., and we pay extra for that, every time we buy a single-use container in addition to the product.

We are a grassroots movement working to build a fossil-free future powered by 100% renewable energy, and we empower communities across Colorado to join together to fight for
environmental justice. Through our volunteer-led teams, we use a variety of tactics, such as legislation and direct action, to take on the climate crisis.


CCL empowers everyday people to work together on climate change solutions. Our supporters are organized in more than 400 local chapters across the United States. Together we’re building support in Congress for a national bipartisan solution to climate change.

Using trees and forests as windows on the world to increase students’ understanding of the environment and actions they can take to conserve it.

The City of Golden is creating a new Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan and we are seeking community input on the multi-modal needs of residents, visitors, and commuters. Our aim is to build a Plan that makes walking and biking safe, comfortable, and accessible for all.

Conserving Colorado’s wildlife and its habitat through education and advocacy since 1953.

New Energy Colorado is a non-profit with deep roots in Colorado’s solar and environmental communities. We work to provide education on energy issues to citizens.

Environment for the Americas is a non-profit organization based in Boulder. We work with biologists and educators across the Americas to raise awareness of the phenomenon of bird migration and to bring practical bird conservation solutions to communities. 

Golden Real Estate is a model of environmental responsibility with its Net Zero Energy office and five electric vehicles. Indeed, the motto on its “for sale” signs is “Modeling and Promoting Environmental Responsibility.”

Golden City Council and the Golden community made sustainability its top priority starting in 2007. As part of that endeavor, citizens were asked to engage in a broader community-wide effort to establish and implement sustainability goals.

Illegal Oats is the granola that breaks the rules. Infused with tasteless powdered insects for an alternative, sustainable protein source.

We coined the term, “PLANET-Based Living” to inspire people to put the planet first through their daily actions and purchases, or lack of them.


The Mountain Mamas protect our air, water, climate and public lands for future generations.

Pee Cloths for Women are classy, evolutionary washable toilet paper that will save you $500+ on toilet paper. Just for when we pee, so they’re lovely and totally tasteful. No mess, no odor. 

Advancing healthy communities in the face of climate change through environmental stewardship, leveraging arts and culture for conservation and outdoor economy gains that can best serve the most underserved.

We aim to educate about sustainable agricultural practices based on natural farming techniques.

Together, Ridwell makes it easier for folks to waste less. Since Ridwell’s launch in Denver 45,000 pounds of waste have been diverted away from landfills!

Environmentally Responsible Glass Manufacturing is optimized by Glass Recycling

We provide sanctuary and advocacy for the most abused bird on earth and we offer the opportunity for people to connect with the animals at the sanctuary

Stewards of Golden Open Space is a non-profit formed by Golden residents to provide the community vision and voice to understand, protect, and preserve Golden’s precious open space resources.

The Clothing Cycle is a local secondhand clothing shop that focuses on circular fashion and educating consumers about environmental impacts of the fashion industry.

EPA’s mission is to protect human health and the environment.

EPA has many educational videos you can use to supplement or enhance your environmental/science curriculum. Most of the videos are short and applicable to a wide range of subjects and ages.

WIS’s mission is to build an inclusive & supportive Community, Advocate for all people and the planet, provide access to valuable Resources and create Education around all aspects of sustainability. All are welcome in our community.


Nude Foods Market is Boulder’s first zero waste grocery store, providing full service grocery shopping with everything from prepared meals and produce, cleaning and beauty products to school-friendly snacks and general groceries.