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Connect with Local Environmental Action Groups and Businesses

CEFF Virtual Eco-Expo Community Showcase highlights local environmental-action groups and environmentally-minded/purposed organizations and businesses as they share their ideas and wares. CEFF attendees learn new approaches to being a part of environmental change through involvement, action, and economic and personal choices. Explore and connect with Eco-Expo partners below or during a happy hour reception to be inspired, add a few new tools to your environmental-action toolbag, and have fun!

Aspire provides products that are refillable, so you only buy the container once. Single-use plastic is ubiquitous in our world and is killing ocean fisheries and wildlife on land. The manufacturing of single-use plastic makes up nearly 2% of our carbon footprint in the U.S., and we pay extra for that, every time we buy a single-use container in addition to the product.

CCL empowers everyday people to work together on climate change solutions. Our supporters are organized in more than 400 local chapters across the United States. Together we’re building support in Congress for a national bipartisan solution to climate change.

The Colorado Mountain Club has been delivering conservation, education, and recreational opportunities to the Colorado public since 1912. The Club connects thousands of adventure-loving mountaineers and teaches the skills to safely and respectfully maximize living in an outdoor playground.

Colorado Project Learning Tree advances environmental literacy and promotes stewardship through excellence in environmental education, professional development, and curriculum resources that use trees and forests as windows on the world.

Green inside and out, Denver Botanic Gardens began in 1951 and is considered one of the top botanical gardens in the United States and a pioneer in water conservation. The Gardens is a dynamic, 24-acre urban oasis in the heart of the city, offering unforgettable opportunities to flourish with unique garden experiences for the whole family – as well as world-class education and plant conservation research programs. 

New Energy Colorado, is a non-profit with deep roots in Colorado’s solar and environmental communities. We work to provide education on energy issues to citizens.

GoFarm works to transform our local food system to feed healthy bodies, healthy communities, and a healthy planet. We support local, sustainable farmers, and help connect people with where their food comes from.


Golden Real Estate is a model of environmental responsibility with its Net Zero Energy office and five electric vehicles. Indeed, the motto on its “for sale” signs is “Modeling and Promoting Environmental Responsibility.”

Golden City Council and the Golden community made sustainability its top priority starting in 2007. As part of that endeavor, citizens were asked to engage in a broader community-wide effort to establish and implement sustainability goals.

We help people get together, make a difference, and feel better! Join us for the 2021 Earth Week Summit in April and the 2021 International Climate Action Challenge kicking off in August. #BeTheChange

The Inland Ocean Coalition’s unifying charge is to develop a two-way relationship with the ocean and the inland. Inland states should have a voice in ocean protection, since what we do inland has a direct impact on the sea.

The Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary mission is to provide exceptional lifelong care to rescued farmed animals and to advocate for those who have not been rescued by sharing our residents’ stories to inspire, educate, and empower others to embrace a more compassionate and sustainable lifestyle. Our call to action is that we ask folks who care about animals, the environment, and health and human communities to try a plant-based diet or life style.

The Conservation Leadership program is a master’s degree which prepares leaders to address complex conservation issues from local to global scales. The program is built around principles of experiential learning, interdisciplinary instruction, and applied approaches. This is the option for individuals seeking to make a difference in the lives and ecosystems of our planet.

Rapid population growth threatens the quality of life for people everywhere. Fulfilling our mission requires smashing barriers that prevent people from fulfilling their reproductive destinies. It’s always about ensuring they are fully able to decide for themselves whether, when, and with whom to have children.


Advancing healthy communities in the face of climate change through environmental stewardship, leveraging arts and culture for conservation and outdoor economy gains that can best serve the most underserved.

The Rocky Mountain Section of the American Water Works Association (RMSAWWA) is a non-profit, scientific and educational membership association dedicated to managing and treating water.  Our vision is to provide for a better world through better water.  Our mission is to provide solutions for the Rocky Mountain Region (Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming) to effectively manage water, the world’s most important resource.


RMWEA is a professional organization for wastewater professionals in the Rocky Mountains that provides education through luncheons, classes, schools, seminars and conferences. Find out what really happens when you flush that toilet!


Stewards of Golden Open Space was formed by Golden residents to provide the community vision and voice to understand, protect, and preserve Golden’s precious open space resources, their assets, and the values they represent with transparency and inclusivity.

We turn screen time into hands-on, interactive FUN! From near or far! 🎬 Talk to the Camera’s STEAM-based after-school classes and camps were created to spark imaginations and boost self-confidence through moviemaking & video creation. Kids have a BLAST and parents enjoy the benefits of improved social communication skills!

Our vision is for our neighbors in Golden to be unified in making more responsible choices for ourselves and our planet, and our mission is to engage our community into more environmental awareness and concrete action in a fun and educational way.

Tower Garden by Juice Plus+.  Aeroponic system allows you to grow the most nutritious, absolutely delicious produce in an environmentally friendly way!  It reduces the need for pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. You don’t rely on trucks to transport produce across the country.  You eliminate the need for plastic containers from your super market. Closed-loop system requiring only 10% of the water and space used with traditional growing!


TryGreener is a high schooler’s initiative to raise awareness by selling products that are easily incorporated into daily life. We need to do whatever we can to protect the environment, and that starts with each individual person. Conservation starts by changing mindsets and lifestyles, which is what TryGreener intends to do.

EPA’s mission is to protect human health and the environment.

EPA has many educational videos you can use to supplement or enhance your environmental/science curriculum. Most of the videos are short and applicable to a wide range of subjects and ages.

Waste Management is committed to being responsible stewards of the environment and champions for sustainability. We’re always working for a sustainable tomorrow, and we hope you will join us.

Women in Sustainability is excited to partner with CO Environmental Film Festival to provide a unique virtual experience around environmental issues.