Eight for the Earth

Celebrate and explore our unique planet with our 2021 Earth Day Film Collection highlighting favorites from past festivals.

The Story of Stuff (2021)

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Featured in 2021 CEFF 4 Kids Screening

An honest conversation about our consumption-crazed culture.

Directed by: Michael Oheany

Guardians of the Forest (2021)

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The Maijuna are one of the smallest and most endangered indigenous groups in the Peruvian Amazon. This film tells their inspiring story as they fight for their biologically rich ancestral lands and cultural survival.

Directed by: Jacob Wagner

I Am Cheo (2021)

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Featured in 2021 CEFF 4 Kids Screening

Inspired by the poem “I Am Joaquin” by Chicano poet Corky Gonzales, this unique film tells the story of a young boy named Cheo who, from the sights and smells of his abuela’s kitchen, takes a sweeping cinematic journey across the lands that are both his history and his future – he sees the gorges of the Grand Canyon, the antiquity of New Mexican acequias, the majesty of the Rockies, and the urban warmth of Downtown Los Angeles.

Directed by: Pablo Irlando-Wildman

The Living Plant (2019)

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The future is here. Every once in awhile, a product comes along that changes everything. A revolutionary product that increases your productivity, creativity, health, well-being – gorgeous to look at, perfectly designed for the work space of the future. NatureRX introduces The LivingPlant™.

Directed by: Justin Bogardus

Maasai Olympics: The Hunt for Medals, Not Lions (2020)

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Winner of 2018 CEFF Best Short Film Award

At the behest of the Menye Layiok, or Maasai “cultural fathers,” Big Life established The Maasai Olympics, an organized sporting event based on traditional Maasai warrior skills to replace the long-held tradition of hunting lions as a mark of manhood, bravery, and prestige, representing a shift from killing to conservation.

Directed by: James Suter

Old Skill, New Use (2016)

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Primitive skills practitioner Doug Hill uses a traditional skill to tackle a new challenge.

Directed by: Doug Hill

The Encirclement (2020)
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Protesters spent years demonstrating and getting arrested at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant near Denver. In 1983 they decided to try something completely different–to join hands around the 17-mile perimeter of the factory.

Directed by: Erik Sween

Run Wild, Run Free (2019)

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50 years of Wild and Scenic Rivers.

Directed by: Shane Anderson

When We're Gone (2017)

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Featured in 2017 CEFF 4 Kids Screening

A musical remake of ‘The Cup Song’ by Anna Kendrick in the film Pitch Perfect, this film highlights Hawaii’s endangered species and the threats they face as species vanish beneath the cups.

Directed by: Malia Cahill

Where Life Begins (2020)

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Along the Arctic Coast, at the north most point on American soil, we explore the inseparable bond between mother and child, the sacred and fragile moments after birth and the importance of protecting the place Where Life Begins.

Directed by: Katie Schuler

Wild Hope (2019)
Wild Hope (2019)

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Using personal story, science, and passion in a unique mix, Wild Hope inspires viewers to protect wild ecosystems against an unrelenting materialistic culture that’s producing social malaise and an uninhabitable planet. Our economic system fails us, but our tie to the natural world is elemental. Wild Hope challenges the economic underpinnings driving climate change, and awakens us to the possibility of a more meaningful life—a life defined not by consumption, but by compassion.

Directed by: Susan Jacobson

Want more? Check out these 3 bonus films from the archives!

Green Gone (2020)

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Featured in 2020 CEFF 4 Kids Screening

This infomercial parody pokes fun at the overuse of pesticides and herbicides and the psychology used to market them.

Directed by: Keanu Frith, Tess Moretti-Hill, Gabriel Jeffers, Māhea Dunn

Treeline (2019)

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The film brings extraordinary forests in British Columbia, Japan and Nevada ‘to life’ through cinematic exploration of playful, yet powerful experience of gliding through each forest on snow. We accompany scientists who translate what the oldest trees have to teach us, illuminating the reciprocal bond between humanity and nature —  a relationship we can’t survive without.

Directed by: Jordan Manley

Water (2018)

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Spectacular imagery of our planet’s limited resources.

Directed by: Mark Knight