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If you’re looking for info on the festival and ideas for year-round environmental STEAM-based learning, you’re in the right place!

CEFF 4 Classrooms

Enjoy a unique FREE film screening designed with students (grades 4th-12th) in mind! This special film program is offered both as an in-person field trip and as a virtual (on-demand) program at your place. CEFF 4 Classrooms includes youth-friendly environmental films, selected from the best recent environmental films. Selected films will range in length and subject matter.


  • Option 1: Enjoy an In-Person Field Trip to view a variety of youth-friendly environmental films! Specially programmed with students (grades 4th-12th) in mind, this special FREE youth film screening will take place in-person during our festival on Friday, February 23, 2024 (10am-12:30pm). CEFF 4 Classrooms also include a special Q&A session with filmmakers and other field experts related to the film topics!
  • Option 2: New Virtual Option Available! Choose from the Virtual Classroom collection and watch the films in your classroom when it fits your class schedule anytime between March 1 and May 31, 2024. Films will be screened on our Virtual Festival Platform – Eventive. Each participating teacher will receive one free digital unlock codes to stream the films in your classroom from the Eventive site for in-person learning. We will provide detailed directions and technical support to all classrooms registered.

Registration is first-come, first-served and we expect the event to sell out. We will contact you via email/phone to confirm and finalize plans. There is no charge for this event however donations are always accepted.

Extras: As a thank you, teachers will also receive one additional free digital unlock code to be used for an online film screening of your choice during the virtual cinema (February 22-March 4, 2024)

Environmental Lesson Plans & Activities

Watched the CEFF 4 Classroom films? Expand your classroom experience with these great extensions to deepen learning and create new connections for your students!


These resources are intended to provide Colorado teachers with access to high-quality environmental education lessons and activities that students can do from wherever they are.

Virtual LessonsActivities


The Resource Library offers high-quality, standards-based, educational resources and activities.

National Park Service

National parks are America’s largest classrooms. Find lesson plans about these great places.

North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)

Need a lesson plan for your classroom, a journal article for a writing assignment, or a how-to video for a project? Tap into NAAEE’s resource bank!

National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF)

Select from a variety of resources including, educator toolkits, infographics, apps, and activity guides and learn about other NEEF programs and initiatives.

Colors of Nature

Explore the creativity of science through education kits that highlight how art and science work together to help us understand the world. The activities promote observation and the use of household items to explore color through chemistry, biology, and optics.

Kids for Saving Earth

Since 1989, Kids for Saving Earth has provided “Education into Action” curriculum to thousands of instructors and parents.  As a result, there are now hundreds of thousands of kids and grown-ups all over the planet working to protect the Earth.

Project Learning Tree

Use the environment to engage children in learning – both outside and indoors. Project Learning Tree is an award-winning environmental education program designed for teachers and other educators, parents, and community leaders working with youth from preschool through grade 12.

Your True Nature

An easy-to-use curriculum for schoolteachers looking to encourage a love for the natural world and simultaneously develop positive character traits in their students, including three standards and research-based, integrated, K-12 master plans that can be easily modified for any subject and age.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Find an array of environmental and science based lesson plans, activities and ideas from EPA, other federal agencies and external organizations.  Encontrar recursos para estudiantes y maestros.

President’s Environmental Youth Award

The President’s Environmental Youth Award (PEYA) recognizes outstanding environmental projects by K-12 youth. The PEYA program promotes awareness of our nation’s natural resources and encourages positive community involvement.

Citizen Science

Through citizen science, we help scientists answer questions they cannot answer without our help. When we engage in citizen science, we make and share observations, analyze data, begin to formulate questions, experiment, and ultimately construct a deeper understanding about the world, all while advancing important areas of scientific research!  (from SciStarter.com)

The SciStarter mission helps people of all ages discover and get involved in real world science: citizen science.

National Geographic offers Citizen Science projects curated for students in grades 3-12.

The Zooniverse enables everyone to take part in real cutting edge research in many fields and creates opportunities for you to unlock answers and contribute to real discoveries.

Play the world’s first mobile game that takes you outdoors to discover, map, and ultimately help protect life on our planet. Your sightings contribute to real research and conservation.

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